Eugenia Orr believes in the age-old power of the written word, especially those not restricted to ones and zeros. Since she could read and write, Eugenia has been conveying thoughts, feelings, ideas and philosophies in the form of written expression. She is a local and nationally published freelance writer, an enthusiastic speaker and interviewer, gifted baker, devoted daughter, and lover of all things beautiful.


Eugenia Orr is a purveyor of expressive, thoughtful communication, and purposeful and meaningful events for herself and her clients. With more than 20 years of marketing, business, leadership, planning, and relationship-building experience, she specializes in proven marketing and branding strategies that advance company recognition and spurs growth. With keen attention for detail and the ability to visualize the way people experience outings, Eugenia plans meetings and other events that maximize and enhance the experience of attendees and hosts. Her business, Euyeveia Media & Events (you-YEH-vee-a, the Ancient Greek spelling of Eugenia), serves as a vehicle for Eugenia to actively pursue and offer her most passionate and accomplished skills, writing and event planning. Euyeveia M&E also offers full-service event planning focusing on corporate events and meetings, as well as outdoor festivals. Yet for Eugenia for any successful meeting or event to occur, organizations need to have their mission, values, goals, & direction firmly established. To that end, Eugenia uses her gift of writing and communication to help her clients discover or uncover their purpose and articulate that message to clients and use those focus statements to direct and guide the business and their efforts on the behalf of their business. From strategic planning to website content, to social media platforms, marketing, and promotional materials, Eugenia crafts messaging that effectively expresses the who and the why behind the what of businesses.

Eugenia holds a Master of Urban Planning & Policy from the University of Illinois at Chicago and Bachelor of Fine Arts, Interior Design from the International Academy of Design & Technology. She earned a certificate in Grant Writing from DePaul University and a Certificate in Leadership from the Chicago Urban League's IMPACT program with the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.


When she’s not writing content, planning events, or serving the community, Eugenia spends time baking for her other business, Pounds of Pleasure, Custom Baked Goods. Food is Love - associated with most the happy times, as well as helping people heal during sad times. Food brings people together. From specialties including Pina Colada and Vanilla Ice Cream Pound Cakes, Bourbon Pecan Pie, Bourbon Peach Cobbler, and Southern Praline Layer Cake with Praline Icing, Pounds of Pleasure are tasty home-baked goods that contain no artificial products, but are bursting with flavor! Through Pounds of Pleasure, Eugenia expresses love using butter, flour, sugar, and eggs!



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